Programs 3 - 6 years

*Timetable guideline     *3 – 6 years old     *Other enrichment programs 


Age group Time (Monday - Friday)
Nursery & kindergarten Monday – Friday (8am – 12pm)
After school care Monday – Friday (12pm – 6pm)

 finemotorskills1tdk  finemotorskills2tdk


Fine motor skills (for 3 & 4 years old)

To train their growth of small muscles such as hands and fingers for better grasp movement. 

finemotorskills4tdk finemotorskills5tdk finemotorskills6tdk

Physical Education

Children do fun activities to get them moving and develop gross motor skills at the same time.

mus1tdk               music2tdk music3tdk


 It is a moment where children sing songs, dance and have other fun music activities. 

storytelling1tdk storytelling2tdk storytelling3tdk

Story Telling

Children not only love stories but also gain knowledge in a more interesting way. We choose our stories wisely to make sure they receive good moral value.

 english1tdk  english2tdk  english3tdk


We use Phonics to teach 3&4 years as it is the quickest and easiest way to begin reading. For older children, we focus more on their grammar and comprehension skills.

bm1tdk bm2tdk bm3tdk

Bahasa Malaysia

We teach children according to the ‘Suku Kata’. We make sure that they are able to recognize and pronounce the characters. 

mandarin1tdk mandarin2tdk mandarin3tdk


We teach the strokes of Mandarin characters, reading and writing. We also allow children to participate in Mandarin games during lesson. 

math1tdk math2tdk  


We teach 3&4 years the early math concepts such as grouping, sorting, number sense and so on while older children the essential math skills and interactive games.

moral1tdk moral2tdk  


The lessons are designed to teach children good moral values, manners and let them differentiate right from wrong. 

art1tdk art2tdk  art3tdk

Art & Craft

Children use materials like pastels, crayons, water color paints, colors pencils to draw, paint and make crafts.

          science1tdk               science2tdk  science3tdk


Children gain chances to conduct several experiments, for example: explore the miracles of life through planting a seed